10 Gowns You Need To See From The 2017 IIFA Awards

Unlike all the other Indian award shows, the IIFA’s go on for a full weekend. Apart from the fact that it takes place in different countries every year, it’s the only show that has three days of activities; which also means three days of dressing up and looking fabulous.
New York was the destination this year and while most people came out to see their favourite celebrities winning awards,

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10 Brands We Are Totally Crushing On Right Now

At StyleCracker we are constantly on the lookout for great talent. Check out the top ten brands featuring on our lust-list this week!
What: Super-cute stationery perfect for your office desk.
Where: https://www.facebook.com/artchetypestudio/
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What: Used to specialize in bags and accessories but now they’ve added a range of delectable apparels as well!

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Cool Facemasks To Keep Your Skin Feeling Fresh

Who wouldn’t love a soothing spa therapy at the convenience of their homes? Face masks are the ultimate relaxing and beautifying essentials for your skin. They revitalize your skin, keep it feeling fresh and looking radiant. So get ready for a self-pamper session with our favourite face mask picks this season. Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin we’ve found you the right match.

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ColourPop’s New Launch Is All About Those Good Vibes

For those of you who don’t know, ColourPop is only one of the coolest beauty brands out there. IMO, they have some of the most amazing products, even better packaging and all at prices that don’t come close to breaking the bank – go ahead, make me their spokesperson already!
Their matte lipsticks are global favourites and their base and eye products will truly amaze you.

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How To Achieve Insta-Ready Nails – At Home!

Gloomy days and heavy rains call for keeping yourself busy at home. And what’s a better way to keep busy than be creative? Pamper yourself and get on the glam wagon by experimenting with some Instagram trendy nail art. We’ve seen it all on there, from furry nails to the 100 layers challenge and its going to take you much more than a striking nail colour to make the cut.

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