SC Inside Out | 5 Movies To Watch If You’re Missing Your Girlfriends

Raise your hand if you are desperately missing your girlfriends right now. A virtual chat doesn’t even come close to the hours we’ve spent hanging out with our girls; it’s true we never run out of things to talk about. 
From missing lectures together in college, to the first heartbreak, through weddings and babies and work successes and failures,

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SC Inside Out | 5 Boss Women tell us about the habits they’ve created in Lockdown

Lockdown for me has been equal parts therapeutic and equal parts absolutely bonkers. Some days I’m a ray of sunshine – literally, I’m wearing my happiest colours, humming as I make the bed and really treating my abs to a good thirty minutes of heavy crunching. But on other days I’m burning rice, giving my husband the silent treatment and generally wondering what I did in my past life to deserve these series of unfortunate events.

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SC Inside Out | I’d Like To Steal The Costumes From This Indian TV Show Please!

Up until very, very recently, the last Indian TV show I’d ever watched was Remix. I was all of fourteen, and rebellious, red-headed Anvesha was my idol at the time. Cut to 2020 and the emergence of streaming apps like Netflix, Prime and Hotstar creating quality, local content that I’m more than eager to consume, especially in this lockdown.

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SC Inside Out | 7 Women, 7 Fabulous #WFH Outfits

With the world going into lockdown and people having to stay indoors, working from home (#WFH) has become the new normal. This slowing down of pace has changed the way people dress, veering more towards relaxed, comfy silhouettes, whilst still keeping stylish. Be it the trusted trackie or our all-time favourite white t-shirt; some of our favourite girls share their #WFH looks –

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