10 Awesome Street Style Images To Inspire Your OOTD

Fashion week was never just about the designer outfits you see on the runway. There’s an equal amount of a show going on outside the main show areas, on the street and sometimes, it’s exactly what you need for a little outfit inspiration.
With the International fashion weeks that are taking place right now, Instagram has been flooded with street style images from all over the world.

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3 Easy Hairstyles That Will Make Sure You’re Always On Time

Getting dressed and ready to go to work every morning is an excruciating process. The already mind-numbing task feels even more painful on a Monday and exceptionally hard when you’re having a bad hair day. Once the process is finally done, you head to work only to realise you’re late – super duper late!
For years my hair was the reason I showed up late to a bunch of events.

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8 Influencer Approved Outfits We’re In Love With Right Now

Celebrities aren’t the only people we take style tips from. Aside from bloggers, stylists and Instagram influencers are aplenty and are known to provide wardrobe goals on the daily. So naturally, we tend to follow as many influencers as celebrities, and it feels like the list increases every day.
So it’s only fair to highlight some of these amazeballs outfits,

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Want To Look Like Priyanka Chopra? Let This Blogger Show You How!

Who doesn’t want to look like Priyanka Chopra, am I right? The now International beauty is doing amazing things all over the world and you’ve got to agree, she looks fantastic while doing it. So getting her beauty look is definitely on everyone’s radar!
We all know and love Deepica Mutyala’s YouTube channel. Girl serves up some great tips and tricks along with looks we never dreamed of trying.

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Can You Guess Which High Street Store Will Soon Be Available Online?

It’s Zara! Sorry, I thought I’d drag this out a bit and keep you guessing until at least the second paragraph of this post. But I’m so excited I can hardly type straight. Zara came to us in India before the Forever21s and H&Ms of the world, and we’ve always been grateful.
For years, the high street store has been that one-stop-shop for pretty much any kind of outfit you’re looking for.

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