StyleCracker Salutes: Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhiji may have left us but he will forever be in our hearts. Besides owing him our country’s Independence, millions all over the world are indepted to him for his wisdom and life philosophy that was deeply rooted in non­violence, self-sufficiency, non­discrimination and universal upliftment. Here are a list of Gandhian principles that all of us can incorporate in our daily lives.

# Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary

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The principle of non­violence still remains the most relevant way of tackling crisis round the globe. Instead of resorting to violence and weapons, peace talks are more effective to solve crisis.

# Swabalambi

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The new slogan ‘Make in India’ by our Prime minister Narendra Modi supports the philosophy of self­sufficiency in a big way. Goods manufactured in India and other home spun textiles is expected to open India to the global market. This initiative has garnered immense support and supports local craftsmen and artisans to earn a decent living.

# Restraint against industrialization

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Gandhiji firmly believed that industrialization would increase mankind’s dependence on machinery and cause irreversible damages to the environment. Today. this is largely visible in the form of global warming which is one of the major concerns we are facing. Hundreds of animal and plant species go extinct every year. If there was ever a time to go green, this is it.

# A man is but a product of his thoughts

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Gandhiji firmly believed that a healthy mind and body is the key to inner peace, happiness and success. Practising yoga and meditation tunes your body, mind and heart to one and other. A simple life is also a healthy and happy life.

# Universal upliftment for all

point 5 upliftment
Non­discrimination against class, caste and gender is the key to a developed world. In a country where a large section of the population is uneducated and unemployed, the government needs to make efforts to raise the basic condition of living in order for the country to move forward and progress.