10 Brands You Need On Your Shopping List This Summer

It’s that time of the year when your wardrobe calls for a revamp! Summer weddings, events, garden parties and terrace ragers – we have at least a handful of these on our calendar for the season, and with each one comes a new outfit. Now what if we told you that you could get ALL these under one roof, over one weekend?

You already know that the StyleCracker Borough is this weekend. You’re going to find 130 designers as well as food and drinks at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse – it’s the ideal way to spend your weekend. But the best part is that we’re listing out 10 designers you absolutely cannot miss while you’re there.

Keep scrolling to find out…

1. Arpita Mehta

If you’re going to be hitting up a wedding, or any party that requires Indian wear, Arpita is your girl. She has the coolest silhouettes and prints and you won’t be able to resist picking up a piece or two.

2. Daniel Syiem

If you’re looking for a cool, contemporary way to layer your clothes, you’ll find jackets at Daniel Syiem’s stall at the StyleCracker Borough.

3. Shehla Khan

We spoke to Shehla and she tells us she’s bringing all her pretty florals and lace to the Borough in new summer silhouettes – we can’t wait!

4. Tanvi Kedia

Expect summer tops, bandanas and cool head accessories at Tanvi Kedia. She’s set to fulfil all your festival needs.

5. Annie Nimmu

They’re at the Borough for the first time and collaborating with PocketStash (Anushka Mulchandani & Sheefa Gilani) to bring you an easy-to-wear, fun collection filled with aztec pieces and jumpsuits for all ages!

6. Warp n Weft

Flirty, wrap around tops, easy layers and dreamy fabrics – we always love what Warp n Weft has to offer and this season is no different.

7. Pause

Not only are their fabrics comfortable, their designs are urban and trendy which will keep you stylish all summer long.

8. Naushad Ali

The Pondicherry based designer will be bringing you all the relaxed silhouettes you can imagine – mix and match and make them yours!

9. De’Anma

Did you think we forgot accessories? De’anma has some of the coolest pieces we’ve seen and you’ll find them at the StyleCracker Borough.

10. Em & Shi

All the pastel coloured outfits of your dreams will be at the Em & Shi stall tomorrow and day after at the Borough. Don’t forget to stop by!