10 Clichés to Avoid This Valentine’s Day

Flowers & Chocolates – Guys, it only goes to show how little a thought you’ve put into the gift. Also, flowers die and chocolates make us fat, which basically marks your exit strategy. Predictable much?

chocolates gift

Listening to depressing music – Sure V-day is a little overrated & permanent residents of ‘Singleton’ have given up hope, but who’s to say you can’t have a little fun of your own. Go dancing with the girls if that’s what makes you tick.


Wine and Dine – If you really are creatively blocked and can’t think of anything better to do, at least do it with a twist. Make her feel special, have the steward present her with something from you to add that little surprise element.


Movie Date – Its Valentine’s Day, not just another Sunday! Going for a movie is so second-date. You know we could do the same thing sitting at home alone, watch a rom-com indulging in our guilty pleasures.


V-day Cards – Guys never really were good with words anyway, all they would want to do is walk into a gift shop, buy the first heart shaped card and fill up the ‘To’& ‘From’ sections and get it done with! Take our advice, write her a few lines on your own. She’ll love it even if what you’ve penned doesn’t rhyme!


Saying the L-word – Before you go all out for this suicide mission, make sure you ‘know’ that we feel the same way. Chances are we might just put our guard up and freak out and swear to never go out with you again.


A stroll in the park/beach/street – Yes, because we need a V-day to take a stroll in the park or the beach. As if we can’t do that on any other day of the year.


Wear red – Red may be the new black this season, but on Valentine’s Day it’s just plain old school. Instead try candy orange or white, we assure you color ain’t got nothing to do with love.


Heart shaped everything – Because this is the one day a year where we want heart shaped food and some mini hearts in our beverages, not to forget heart shaped balloons just in case we missed the fact that its Valentine’s Day.


Getting drunk – Because what is more attractive to a guy than a drunk with an acute case of inebriated verbal diarrhea, before she passes out face down on a toilet seat.