10 Fashion & Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Here are some fashion and beauty hacks every girl should know; they make life much simpler and work as great quick fixes!

Use a hair straightener to make soft waves. Just roll your hair back, pin them and let them cool.


Use white wine to remove red wine stains.


Spray your clothes with lemon juice before putting them in the wash to remove sweat stains.


Spray tights and stockings with hairspray to prevent runs in them.


Put the tip of an eye pencil near a flame for 30 seconds, let it cool and then apply for a thick, intense application.

1 - eyeliner in candle flame @linesacross - 2

Dip your fingers in icy water to dry your nail paint quickly and without imprint.


Baby powder works as an excellent dry shampoo substitute.


Braid wet hair on both sides of your head and go to bed. Wake up with great-looking heatless waves.


Revive your dry, flaky mascara by adding a few drops of saline solution (lens liquid) to it.


Some clean toilet paper will work exactly as a blotting paper and absorb excess shine from your face.


Chat with our stylists today for more such hacks and tricks! Leave a comment below if you know other clever hacks that could make a fashion girl’s life easier.