10 Handpicked Rakhis For You

You swore never to talk to him again and got into a yelling match the very next minute. He broke your phone. But, he fixed your tiff with mum and dad. He’s your midnight-snack buddy. Your human encyclopedia for all things tech. The only one who gets your witty insides. The one you play agony aunt to. It’s an unusual sibling status quo and no plain thread will do to celebrate it.

So, for your brother, this year, pick from our one-click-to-shop line up of ultra-cool Rakhis.


We love the clean lines, the texture-coupling of metal with leather and the fact that it is utilitarian (It can be converted into an everyday arm band, later).

Within budget, ethnic yet non bling-y – it’s perfect for your allergic-to-fuss brother.



This one’s an investment because leather accents age well and makes for a classic accessory. He can later pair it with his casual closet – cuffed shorts and tee, denims and blazer, linen trousers et al.

RA Abta-750

If black isn’t a big NO for you (on auspicious occasions), it’s the sharpest colour to pick.

Indian festivals are the one excuse boys get to wear some colour. This sterling silver Rakhi will offset his regular neutral palette wardrobe well.


It’s a great option for your teen brother – he’s overgrown the glued-on Ben Ten ones and isn’t old enough to care for the multi-purpose ones above.

Works as a bottle opener and a keychain, this Rakhi has true superpowers.

After the day is over, he can wear the Om as a pendant.


PepperFry-589 copy

Rather than scouting different stores, trying to put together a perfect gift, just shop PepperFry’s floral arrangement with a home fragrance and a matching Rakhi.

Bring a twist in the tale – pick Darya London’s Rakhi’s for sisters and get him to tie you one, for a change!