10 Most Memorable Fashion Moments On FRIENDS!

The universally loved 90s sitcom FRIENDS, that ran for a staggering 10 seasons (1994-2004), turns 20 this year! It’s been a decade since the last episode (that huge tearjerker!) first aired, though it doesn’t feel like it – maybe because we keep watching re-runs of the entire series over and over again.

To celebrate the world’s undying obsession with the show, SC rounded up the most memorable fashion moments that happened during its 10 glorious, hilarious seasons!

Remember the first episode when Rachel goes job hunting and returns with “I don’t need a job, I don’t need my parents, I’ve got great boots!” Boots? Yeah, that was all the introduction Rachel Greene needed.

I've got great boots boots!

Another one of FRIENDS fashions that gave us all quite a few laughs was when Joey carries around a “U-N-I-sex” bag (it really did look like a woman’s purse). Chandler and Ross got to crack a lot of jokes at the expense of Joey’s man-purse.


Ross’s unforgettable “New Year resolution” leather pants! The disaster that ensued – ending with Ross getting covered in a lotion-powder paste and heading home sans pants – was hilarious.




Phoebe’s awesome maternity pants that came with a list of good and bad baby names! It’s also so adorable when she can’t come up with a funny comeback to Rachel’s Santa jibe.


One of the sartorial moments that all Friends-fanatics remember is the one where all the girls put on wedding gowns and decide to play bride (none of them were actually getting married at the time – Ross and Emily were.).


The one time Phoebe didn’t look like her own kooky self, in season 9, when she’s trying to make Mike “Crap Bag” jealous. Joey drops a cookie when she enters Central Perk and tells her that she looked “stop-eating hot, which is like the highest level of hotness!”.


Remember when Monica splurged on a fabulous pair of black knee high boots, and caused Chandler to be upset? Yes, the ones that she promised him were worth the money and that she would wear them everywhere, only to end up having to be given a piggyback ride home by Chandler.


The memorable Thanksgiving flashback where Ross and Chandler come home from college to find that fat Monica has turned into hot Monica! She’s still just as weird though and the flashback ended with Chandler losing a toe.


The same Thanksgiving flashback, Ross and Chandler were rocking (or so they thought!) 80s men’s fashion.


Phoebe, a sworn and dedicated vegetarian, couldn’t get over how stunning she looked wearing a fur coat (gasp!) that her mother had sent.


Stay tuned for more posts on the trendsetting FRIENDS fashion!