10 ROM-COM MYTHS Debunked!

Before the concept of soul mates, happily ever after, dating play-books and relationship mind games came in, life was a hell-of-a-lot  easier! But then again, what’s life without a little drama? Over the years, rom-coms have perfected the art of indulging our escapist and somewhat ditzy minds. Hence, as much as we’d love to live in that bubble and wait for our knight-in-shining-‘Armani’, it’s about time we debunked 10 naïve myths that rom-coms perpetuate.

Myth #1: You’ll find the perfect job, the perfect apartment with the perfect closet, straight out of college.  Sorry girls, the only thing you’ll learn as you go forth is that the concept of ‘perfection’ is far from perfect.


Myth #2: A makeover is all it takes to get him to ask you out. Why is it that the answers to all guy-problems lie buried in your make-up pouch? Life is not Legally Blonde and you are not Laney Boggs!


Myth #3: Your best friend’s sole purpose in life isn’t to listen to you whine. Unless your best friend is a shrink minting money off, of you. If not, then for the love of God- spare the girl.

Myth #4: True love sees no boundaries. Things like not brushing or bathing daily (showering with deodorant doesn’t count) are hygiene issues. Love has nothing to do with it.


Myth #5: Making out with your best friend’s boyfriend will be forgiven. Maybe on your deathbed she might…but that would require her keeping in touch. Which she won’t! So to sum it up, this one is a complete no-no!


Myth #6: Being cheated on is perfectly fine, as long as your BFF of the opposite sex comes to your rescue. Seriously, don’t make your friend pay for the BF’s rampant libido. He/She’s a human being not a back-up plan!



Myth #7: You need to feign interests just to grab his attention. Be your own person, there is a difference between being accommodating and being fake.


Myth #8: ‘The Chase’ isn’t a literal phenomenon. Car chases and airport dashes belong solely on-screen. Sadly, chances are he will stay put or go to the nearest bar to replace you in his roster.


Myth #9: The Soul Mate Theory! Now ladies, let’s not be lazy, Go out there and look for the ONE, instead of sleeping in a castle and waiting for your prince to wake you up with a true loves kiss!


Myth #10: Dramatic love declarations in front of an audience will end in happily ever after. Lover’s spats needn’t be aired in public, we suggest leave the dramatics at home and take the traditional approach (behind closed doors!).