Now us chicas may not feel the need to justify this age old gender stereotype, but our better halves from Mars definitely do wonder where and why do we insist on burning a hole in their pockets for shoes, bags accessories and the works (and why do we need so many of them!). Men, read on, because SC gives a better insight into why girls can never and will not say no to shopping.

# 1.  Ever heard of the Hunter-Gatherer theory? No, this is not a history lesson, but we do blame evolution and genetics for our unapologetic addiction. There’s a reason why men shop like hunters (spot-kill-run=spot-pay-run) and women shop like gatherers (spend hours looking and weighing each purchase).

hunter-gatherer theory


# 2. Our post break-up indulgences almost always involve a binge spree. But Lady Godiva was never our best friend, Labels can be. What’s on the lips is on the hips, and we would rather have skinny jeans than muffin tops on ours. Right girls?

break up indulgence


# 3.  We would rather spend on a pair of Jimmy Choos than a gym membership. Why do they make them malls so big anyway? We weight train with shopping bags and sprint from one sale to the next for cardio, end of story.



# 4.  We have yet to meet a girl who hasn’t uttered the words “I have nothing to wear!” which makes her guy roll his eyes and hide his wallet. Have they not heard of the No-Repeat rule!

i-have-nothing-to-wear theory


# 5.  Speaking of the No-Repeat rule… Point fingers at the creators of this unspoken yet followed by all rule. And we know what they say about succumbing to peer pressure, but when it comes to shopping, we actually want to. Plus no girl wants to be at the receiving end of a once-over for all the wrong reasons.

peer pressure


# 6.  Obviously no girl would admit to the fact that consciously or subconsciously we are trying to grab that Cutie McHandsome-from-the-corner-office’s attention. His once-over has the same effect on us as the feel of the perfect fabric+fit.

male attention


# 7.  A perfect day out with the girls invariably means a shopping spree, and we have spent a month’s rent worth and we will spend the rest of the month on our couches watching re-runs and bingeing on Top Ramen.

social obligations


# 8.  A bad day at the office, fight with the BF, tiff with the folks; are reasons enough for us girls to haul our asses out to the malls. Absolutely nothing wrong with some window shopping, it brings us Zen… Kind of like meditating.



# 9.  The sole purpose why ads were created when they were was to make women feel in control of their choices. If anything, it gave first-wave feminism a new angle. Why shouldn’t we stand by it, even if it means more power to the marketing whizzes? We consider it our own form of charity.



# 10.  As gender roles go, if men are supposedly the hunters or bread-winners, women came to this world with the lone purpose to shop, or at least that’s how they do shop.

maintain universal balance


A certain Queen B. Waldorf once said and we quote “Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop”. Words to live by indeed, the SC team most certainly does.