10 Shades You Need in Your Spring-Summer Vanity

The ideal spring-summer wardrobe is full of bold colours and fresh prints. These are the perfect shades you need in your vanity to complement your spring-summer wardrobe.


1.Gold Glitter Eyeshadow

Add a little glitter to your look with a fierce gold glitter shadow that gives the sparkle that you need.


2. Burgundy Lipstick

This is not just for your spring or summer vanity, but an all-time must-have. Burgundy lipstick goes with absolutely every look, from day looks to night looks, all year round.


3. Baby Blue Nail Polish

Baby blue nail polish gives you a fresh hint of colour that a completes a spring look. Perfectly paired with a floral print outfit, we think this pretty pastel is a definite must have.



4. Nude Sparkle Lip Gloss

For the subtle sparkle that your lips need to give your face that little bit extra, we have a nude sparkle gloss, for pretty and kissable lips.


5. Purple Eye Liner

When better to experiment with a pop of colour than spring, with its extensive colour palette. A purple eye liner would complement your eyes as well as your outfit.


6. Orange Liquid Shadow

Another must-have that would give your look a colourful edge is an orange liquid shadow, that gives your look a funky yet fresh touch.


7. Mauve Nail Polish

Mauve is pretty and playful, and mauve nail polish is what you need for the perfect pastel palette look. Paired with a clean and fresh white outfit of something floral and pink, you cannot go wrong with this.


8. White Matte Nail Polish

Matte nail polish is the new trend, and white has always been a summer staple. White matte nail polish is the fresh edge that every spring or summer outfit needs.


9. Royal Blue Colour Kohl Liner

Black kohl is a blasé look, the new way to kohl up your eyes is with a bold colour. Royal blue pairs well with most summery outfits, reminding you of clear skies and beachy waves.


10.Baby Pink Highlighters

And lastly, you need a baby pink highlighter, perfect for the summery glow on your cheeks.



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