10 things a Fergusson student would know!

Pune, dubbed as ‘The Oxford of the East’, attracts students from all over the world. Team SC decided to get an insight into one of the colleges in the city and we loved what we found.

1. Free spirited, basically sums up their style, Fergusson students practically live in cottons, jholas and jhumkas.


2. Their loyalty to ‘Vaishali’, a South Indian speciality restaurant, is such that they may not know the lecture timings but for sure know when the first breakfast is served there.


3. Fergusson is pretty much a temple of knowledge, and the faculty’s and students’ pride and joy is the over-stocked library.


4. More than two-thirds of the students college lives are spent in the lovely campus, and on a lazy day (read: everyday) you can see them lounging in Kimaya (the open-air theatre).


5. Fergussonians are known for their hard work and enthusiastic nature in general, they try their creative best to make the college fests as spirited and vibrant as possible and to make sure the city sits up and takes notice.

image (2)

6. One of Fergusson’s major fests is Urja, which promises, first and foremost, great fun, excellent artwork and authenticity of culture.

7. Students are so jaded when it comes to people’s ‘raised eyebrows and grimace’ reactions upon telling them they come from Fergusson, that they say, they could imitate them in their sleep.

image (1)

8. The Student activities committee organizes fests on a department level as well; which include Wallstreet (Economics), Psy Fy (Psychology), Alchemy (Chemistry), Statistika (Statistics), Flints (Geology) and so on.

modi at fergusson

9. Every politician or anyone of fame who has ever stepped foot in the city, makes it a point to visit Fergusson.

10. Fergussonians are the first to know about any theatre plays, art exhibits or music fests in and around the city which makes them one of the coolest crowds to hang out with in Pune.


What do you have to say about your college? Let us know in the comments below about your college and we just may feature it as well!