10 Things We Love About The Festive Season

We could put down ‘mithai‘ 10 times right here and finish off this list, but there are actually ten other things we love about the festive season more than everyone’s favourite Indian sweets. As that party vibe sets into all areas of your life – work gets slower, holiday season begins, social commitments get longer – it’s time to let your hair down and really enjoy the last few months of the year.

Here are a few things we can’t wait for:

1. We’re all set to kick off the festive season with the StyleCracker Souk on the 29th of September! It’s coming up as soon as next weekend so now is when you start getting hella’ excited about it!

2. You can’t ignore the list of holidays that are coming up! Diwali, Christmas and of course those days you’re planning your mandatory weekend getaways.

3. ‘Tis the season of gifting of course! If you can believe it, we found a few things pretty much any one would love at Hometown – a home care brand that has the most thoughtful pieces. Check out our favourites here and find them at the Souk next weekend.

4. Is your shopping list expanding? Because ours just went over to it’s third page! You’ve got to look the part this season and shopping for clothes definitely goes up as one of the top 5 things to do during festive season.

5. Ok so you found the clothes, but what about shoes? You need something that fits the the bill and is comfy at the same time. Have you met Solehead?

6. Who doesn’t love house parties, right? Sure you might start with that alcohol binge, but no perfect night ends without at least a cup of green tea. Tea Culture Of The World has a ton of different infusions and even some iced options you’ll love. You can find them at the Souk on the 29th of September!

7. An important part about this time of year is taking care of your skin. With all the eating out, partying and staying up late, you’re bound to stress your skin out. RAS Luxury Oils has concoctions that will solve all these problems and keep you looking fly all day, every day.

8. Well, mithai can’t not be on this list, can it!? In fact if it’s sweet,we love it! Some of the food brands you’ll find next weekend include Noto Ice Creams, Halwa Craft and Fantasie Fine Chocolates!

9. After all those sweets, it’s important to keep your body in shape too. ClassPass offers a ton of deals and discounts on a variety of workouts all over the city – find what fits and sign right up!

10. And finally, no festive season is complete without some much needed family time. It’s this lot that will keep you sane for the next year to come!

We can’t wait to welcome you to the Souk on the 29th of September at Tote on the Turf – Let the party truly begin! RSVP here.