SC Inside Out | 10 Things To Think About When Launching A Brand

We live in unique times. Thanks to social media, being a celebrity isn’t that difficult anymore. And being a designer, even easier. However, building a brand? Now that’s a whole other story. Be it a designer label or an influencer profile, launching (and sustaining) a brand takes a lot of time, effort and most of all unwavering commitment!

Pause | Neha & Neha

We spoke to designer duo Neha Tham and Neha Modi from the brand ‘Pause’ about their top 10 tips on launching a brand. I’ve got to say, we’ve pinned a couple of these ourselves!

1. Identify the product or service you want to launch and do as much homework as you can on it. Research similar products or services and identify who your competitors would be.

2. Identify your target customer. What value are you creating, and for whom? Study this thoroughly so you are able to identify their needs, likes and dislikes.

3. Clearly identify what your value proposition is. Why would people buy your product over other trusted brands that have been around longer than you have? How would your brand stand out in an overcrowded space?

4. People should identify with your brand. All your aesthetic decisions should be in sync with this, including packaging.

5. What will your marketing strategy be? What channels will you use?

6. What are your key resources? How much capital will you need to create, deliver & market your product to your customer? If things go wrong along the way, will you have enough cushioning to account for teething mistakes?

7. Identify your key revenue streams & chalk out your sales strategy.

8. Budget in key partners. Think about who you could partner with on a freelance or full-time basis to help drive brand engagement. You cannot build a brand alone.

9. Test your product until you are confident! If it is a fashion brand, make sure the fit & raw materials are well tested.

10. Think about it a million times! Any business at the outset requires a lot of patience and can be extremely draining while being rewarding. Is this something you are ready to take on? Are you willing to give it the time and effort that it needs? If yes, then go for it!

Written by Tia Shah