15 Things You Didn’t Know About The SC Stylists!

It’s a fact that Team SC is a one-of-a-kind group of the coolest, most awesome stylists in the city. Aren’t you curious about the people who understand your style better than you and offer fashion advice more honestly than a BFF? Well, put a lid on it, because we’re here to satisfy all you curious cats!

Here are the 15 things you did not know about SC Stylists.

1. We all are 20-somethings with a million dollar dream – to make India super-stylish!


2. We love to eat. Banish any images of starving fashion girls that you might have in your pretty heads, because SC stylists love to hog all day!

3. All of us get along brilliantly well. It’s no Devil Wears Prada in the SC Headquarters – it’s a total “no bitch zone” (seriously, we even have a sign!).


4. SC Stylists have a major sweet tooth! Cupcakes, anyone?


5. We love fairy lights! We here at SC believe that fairy lights are for all year round, not just Diwali and Christmas.


6. We work together as a team, always in sync and having each other’s back.


7. All SC stylists are pro snap-chatters.

8. All of us are Christmas freaks! Festive decorations, music, cakes and Secret Santa – we do the works here at StyleCracker.

9. “Chaat Enthusiasts” is another term we go by. Ordering in sev puri and kachori is an everyday office ritual.

10. We generally love things that start with ‘H’ – high heels, hats, hot pink, holiday season, Hello Kitty and Harry Potter!

11. We love love love clicking selfies! It’s a serious case of acute selfitis, and it’s contagious!


12. SC stylists are all dedicated music lovers, singing along to every song that keeps playing in the background while we work.

13. We thrive on fashion magazines! Every desk comes with its own stash of old Vogue issues.


14. We all unanimously agree that Audrey Hepburn is the highest level of elegant chic that can be achieved in fashion.

15. We all love our cups of coffee. Some days, regular shots of heavenly smelling coffee is the only thing that keeps us going!