16 Random (Fashion) Questions with Sidharth Malhotra

The most casual conversation with Bollywood’s heartthrob #1!

Been scouting all along for a Saturday night buddy? Then Sid as I call him is your perfect drinking match! Talk of an A-lister and you’d expect tantrum flickers, but Bollywood’s bonafide Mr. Good Looks is a complete disappointment here. While Sid sat with Sid(d) to answer 16 random (fashion) questions, honesty rumbled and they witnessed laughter rollers! Excerpts from our conversation with Sidharth Malhotra at United Colors of Benetton’s Spring/Summer’17 launch.

SIDDHARTH BATRA: “Hi, nice to meet you! I’m Siddharth, Siddharth with a double D!”

SIDHARTH MALHOTRA: “Haha hi Sid (with a double D)! Now that you mention it, I sometimes do wonder why I have a single D in my name!”

SB: “No worries, let’s compensate for the missing D with some randomness today!”

SM: “Yes, of course! Question 1, shoot!”

SB: “When it comes to your personal style- less is more or more is less?” 

SM: “Less is more.”

SB: “Describe your personal style through food!”

SM: “Hmm.. my personal style is grilled, and slightly bare and grungy. It’s a portion of grilled meat, grilled lamb, with some veggies on the side (to make it more colourful) and a small portion of rice to keep it grounded.”

SB: “That sounds delicious! A Jodhpuri Suit or a Tuxedo?”

SM: “Quite honestly, I love both! However, it completely depends upon the occasion for me.”

SB: “What’s your shoe size?”

SM: “UK 10.”

SB: “Haha, not very surprising! Let’s talk about UCB’s brand-new collection now- it’s vibrant, it’s casually perfect and stocks the most versatile pieces. But what are your top 3 picks from the collection?”

SM: “All the pieces from my outfit today! The first pick has to be the shirt I’m wearing right now. It’s the most comfortable linen shirt and isn’t the colour just so attractive? My second pick has to be this graphic tee, which can be transitioned from AM to PM with just simple changes to your hair. And finally, these shoes that are incredibly light on the feet. If you’re heading to a dance date, this one’s the perfect pair to throw on!”

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SB: “But out of the three, which one is your absolute favourite?”

SM: “The graphic tee, it’s simply perfect for the summer!”

SB: “Great choice! If Sid had to replace his pyjamas with another piece of clothing to wear to bed, what would he pick?”

SM: “Boxers for sure!”

SB: “Your current favourite fashion trend?”

SM: “Everything that’s ripped and distressed!”

SB: “One big style risk you’ve taken till now?”

SM: “It was years ago! It may not be a style risk, but I was obsessed with silver inner wear at one point. Like bright silver!”

SB: Haha, I didn’t see this coming! Nevertheless, here’s a funny one- if the English alphabet had to be taught with fashion words, what would D stand for?”

SM: “Dolce!”

SB: “Great! So then tailored, fitted or performance wear?”

SM: “Depends again. But if I’m heading out, tailored and fitted any day!”

SB: “Snapchat or Instagram?”

SM: “Instagram!”

SB: “Sex or yoga?”

SM: “I’d prefer sex with yoga! That’s a new technique as well, just like the Kamasutra.”

(everyone in the room bursts out laughing)

SB: “That was really honest! Now let’s bare it all, what’s the last lie you told someone?”

SM: “It was today itself- that I’m not wearing Benetton inner wear! Though, I actually am and they’re very comfortable.”

SB: “They most definitely are! Now if Sidharth Malhotra had to escape for a holiday right about now, where would he head?”

SM: “I want to visit a new city every year. And for 2017, Europe’s on my mind! So Greece maybe?”

SB: “Greece is beautiful! And the last one.. any fashion questions you hate to answer or have I asked them already?”

SM: “Haha good one! But no, not really. However, when people ask me about the trends for the next year or to predict the future, more than disliking, I don’t know what to say.. fashion’s constantly changing and I’m not sure of how to foresee it.”

SB: “Well said! And that’s about it, Sid. Thank you, this was fun!”

SM: “Yes this was! See you soon, Sid with a double D!”


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