Give your skincare routine a sleek upgrade with Black Leopard Skincare

Dry and dull skin, chapped lips, fine lines and razor bumps – Sounds familiar?

If your everyday routine of getting ready has not advanced from shaving and washing your face with a mud-caked bar of soap, then it’s definitely time to upgrade this regime and stock up on some grooming products.

You’ll be surprised with the kinds of products your skin and bathroom cabinet need.

If you’re wondering what you’ll need, where you can find it or even where to begin – we’ve gathered the most premium ‘Men’s Only’ skincare range, hailing all the way from Australia. You can thank us later!

Black Leopard is a fuss-free men’s grooming range that uses Triple-Action formulas to hydrate, rejuvenate and soothe all skin types.

Here’s what you’ll need to go from looking good to great –

Nourishing Body Wash

It’s time to put down that grimly bar of soap for this invigorating body wash that will leave your skin smooth and supple, made with citrus tangerine peel oil.

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Skin boosting 2 in 1 shave gel cleanser

With the goodness of lavender oil and tea tree oil, this rejuvenating cleanser will help your razor glide over the skin with ease, ensuring that the skin is bacteria free.

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Night bright serum

A great way to keep your skin hydrated, with a combination of anti-ageing properties and lightening active ingredients including Chromabright.

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Soothing after shave balm

Re-hydrate and restore your skin after a shave whilst soothing any inflamed areas and unwanted redness.

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Triple action bright daily

This is your go-to product for lighter and even toned complexion, with a combination of both natural and active ingredients.

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Anti-shine moisturizer

This revitalizing product is formulated to hydrate and strengthen the natural elastin and collagen in your skin, resulting in a much softer and smoother face.

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