3 Easy Hairstyles That Will Make Sure You’re Always On Time

Getting dressed and ready to go to work every morning is an excruciating process. The already mind-numbing task feels even more painful on a Monday and exceptionally hard when you’re having a bad hair day. Once the process is finally done, you head to work only to realise you’re late – super duper late!

For years my hair was the reason I showed up late to a bunch of events. Until I learnt to perfect a handful of hairstyles. After that, it was all smooth-sailing.

So incase you’re facing the same problem, and your friends will probably disown you for showing up late yet again, here are a few hairdos that don’t take any time at all, but still look fantastic.

1. Get Your Buns Out

When in doubt, and out of time, a bun is the best way to go. This one is as simple as making a ponytail and with the right outfit it will do well at work too.

2. Wrap It Up

Easy and as perfect as it gets, this hairdo is that versatile one that will take you through any, and I mean, ANY event. A simple, chic pony tail parted down the middle, and it really takes no time at all!

3. Get Knotty

Knots in your hair generally seems like a bad idea, you’d never think of deliberately creating them. But once you’ve seen this, you might reconsider. With an added accessory, the hairstyle is great for formal events. And you can totally keep it slightly messier and wear it casually as well.

P.S. Here are a few beauty looks you can try when you’re late to work.