3 Easy Ways To Style Your Bootcut Jeans

Are you even surprised right now? Yet another trend from the past has come back and just like the choker, I’m re-loving bootcut jeans! They aren’t too tight, they make you look taller, more proportionate and your butt looks great in them; so really what’s not to love?

At this point I was left wishing I didn’t throw out my trusty bootcut from the ’90s, but one quick trip to Zara and I hooked myself up with a cool new pair.

Press play to see how I wore them:

A simple white shirt with a belt goes a long way for day events. Worn with your bootcut jeans they’re a match made in heaven!

Another way to do it would be with velvet. Since it’s such a hot trend, pair the two together to create a double whammy!

And finally, if you want to make it more formal or even wear it to a work event, just throw on your trusty long-line waistcoat – easy and stylish!

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