3 Outfits Ideas To Nail Your Job Interview

If you’re just out of college, chances are that you’re on the job hunt. The pressure to firstly find someone to hire you and secondly, of what to wear to the interview lingers and at this point, you’re ready for all the suggestions coming your way.

Obviously you’re going to have to keep those sweatpants and tank tops at home. Because no matter what job you’re interviewing for, lazy chic just won’t do. What you need to do is up your game a little. You’re expected to get formal, in a way that any kind of interviewer will agree with.

They always say, dress for the job you want. So if you’re looking to get hired, remember that first impressions go a long way.

Here are a few outfits we would suggest:

1. Wear The Pants

Formal, tailored trousers are a fantastic way to make an impression. Wear a black pair with a white to go monochrome or even a black shirt would look great. Stick your hair in a neat bun or ponytail and they’ll be forced to take you seriously.

2. There’s A Layer For Every Kind Of Interview

A longline jacket, with or without sleeves would look both formal and stylish at the same time. Wear yours in a muted shade (black, olive, beige) over a pencil skirt, trousers or even a dress.

3. Rework The Pencil Skirt

Most people stay safe and wear a basic pencil skirt. Be different and elevate your look a little. Add on a belt, wear a different style, throw on a blazer or even a layer of necklaces will do (nothing too large). Nothing good ever came out of being boring!

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