3 Stylish Ways To Wear A Sports Bra

I don’t know about you, but I live in my sports bras. Be it to the gym, at home or even out, I wear them pretty much everywhere. Some times, they’re even versatile enough to be worn as crop tops!

I headed to Hunkemoller over the weekend to get my sports bra fix and found out they have a wide range of options, not just athletic, but otherwise too. Their lacy bralettes can be styled in a whole bunch of ways and their motto, is ‘Sexy comes in all shapes’, which means they make sure your bra fits you perfectly before you buy.

As expected, I tried on pretty much everything, take a look:

Press play!

High-waisted tights and a longish sports bra can be worn not only to the gym, but to run errands in all day too! My favourite way to wear them is with a cut-out back tee. That way it’s business in the front and a party, with the straps showing, in the back. And finally, if it matches as well as my last one, wear it with trousers and a long-line vest to a night out.

See what I mean when I say versatile?

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