5 Beauty Products All Men Must Try

So much has been written about women and their skincare products, it almost feels like the men have been ignored all this while. There’s a product out there for women for everything; from your under-eyes and lips to your body and hair. But when it comes to men, it sometimes feels like they use one to two products for everything. No, your body soap shouldn’t ideally be used as a face soap and shampoo as well. Just like it is for women, there are a bunch of brands that cater to men and their skincare needs.

Take a look at these products, see how they work and then feel the difference:

Beard Oil from Shepherd For Men

If you’re a man with a beard, or someone who’s trying to grow one, you’ll need some regular oiling. This citrus-y beard oil will do the job and smell great while doing so.

Moisturiser from Clinique

Feel like your face is always dry? It’s probably because you’re not moisturising it after a wash. While Clinique has the best skincare solutions for women, their men’s products are also high up on the charts.

Shaving Foam from Kama Ayurveda

All natural and with the promise of a super smooth shave, this one from Kama Ayurveda is a must-have for men.

Hair Oil from Raw Nature

They’re catering specifically to men and everything from their Volcanic Clay Mask to their shampoo and hair oil are absolute hits!

Body Wash & Lotion from Love Organically

This fully-organic brand offers a Neem Body Wash that leaves you smelling great and germ free all day and a Pure Honey Nut Lotion that keeps those ashy elbows and knees at bay.