5 Dresses You Can Wear To Work This Summer

It’s only mid-March but Summer seems to have arrived with full force. As we brace ourselves for the heat and humidity, it’s important to give your closet an update as well. You don’t want to see cardigans when the weather calls for crop tops, right? When planning your outfits for the office, it might feel like nothing has to change (what with the sub-zero temperatures they maintain at work) and you can still wear your black pant-suit to a meeting. But it’s actually quite the opposite. Picking out pieces in bright colours for the hotter months will not only keep you cool on your commute, it shows that you’re up-to-date and appropriately dressed.

For summer, a dress is a fool-proof option. With the assurance of all-round ventilation, if you pick the right one, it can be worn to both the office and even the party after.

Here are some picks:

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