5 Easy Steps To Nail Your Summer Beauty Look

It’s so hot outside these days, a lot of us don’t feel like putting on any clothes, forget makeup. While a lot of people can pull off a bare-faced look on most days, sometimes you just need your face to be lit, you know what I mean? That being said, this post won’t tell you how to contour, bake and do all those other things that, number 1  – take time, and number 2 – will most definitely get you sweating the second you leave the house. We’re here to highlight 5 things you need this summer to keep your beauty game strong and sweat-free!

1. Moisturise!

Don’t be fooled, it might be humid but a moisturiser is important to prep your face for what’s to come. You don’t want to apply makeup to a bare, un-prepped face for two reasons – it won’t stay put and it’s just not good for you.

2. Don’t forget SPF

Even if the sun isn’t out in full force, you need SPF. If there’s one product you don’t leave home without, it should be SPF not lip balm or those 5 lipsticks you inevitably find in your handbag. If you’re into priming your face, you get primers that do both – prep and give you sun protection at the same time.

3. BB Cream > Foundation

What’s the difference? A BB Cream won’t provide as much coverage as a foundation but it’s lighter in consistency, easy to blend and does provide coverage to some extent. Basically for summer, it’s perfect!

4. The key – Lipstick

Once you’ve taken care of points 1 to 3, it’s time to get down to the “summer” part of your look. Nothing says summertime like a bright poppy lip colour. Take your pick from a range of pinks and oranges to give whatever you’re wearing that pool-side vibe. P.S. the same colour can be used (very lightly) on your cheeks to give you a healthy flush.

5. Mascara OR Shadow

If you’re going for a bright lip, your next product should be a layer or two of mascara – it makes your eyes look bigger and more awake (woke, if you’d like to call it that). But if you’re taking the nude lip route, pick a bright eyeshadow. Be it blue, green, pink, orange or even a yellow – a thin swipe can keep those island vibes going strong. You could even add a little water to a skinny brush and make your coloured eyeshadow and eye-liner – try it, it works!

Et voilà! You’re now officially ready for summer. PS: A StyleCracker Box not only comes with summer apparel, it comes with accessories AND beauty products to match – all curated by a celebrity stylist. Isn’t that a neat little way to stay ahead of the game this summer? Order your box right here.