5 Face Masks We’re Loving Right Now!

I long for days when I can just curl up with a book, a cup of tea and a soothing face mask. There’s something about the calmness you feel while it’s on and of course the great skin after that doesn’t hurt either. In fact, I have a friend who was totally grossed out by sheet masks when she first tried them and today, it’s the only thing that de-stresses her after a long day at work.

While their soothing properties are a definite plus point, there are hundreds of variations available to solve all kinds of skin issues.

I can admit to have tried a handful or three, but these are the five I keep coming back to:

The Face Shop The Solution Pore Care Face Mask

Texture is key when it comes to applying makeup and open, big pores are always a no-no. The Face Shop has a mask for every kind of skin problem, but their pore care mask has got to be my favourite!

Pro Tip: Use a mask a day and see the results at the end of the week. You’ll be surprised!


These masks were created to give you instantly photogenic skin and they stick to their word. Any day my face feels dull, I reach for FLASHMUD for a great glow and even brighter skin.

Zar Skin Essentials Neem & Tea Tree Sheet Mask

I’m all for k-beauty. Sheet masks are totally my jam and this one from Zar Skin Essentials aims to purify acne prone and oily skin – something a lot of us in India can relate to!

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

A mud mask does the job for various skin issues. Be it your pores, dull skin or just basic exfoliation, a charcoal mask has the properties to take care of it all!

Open Pre Order The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask 10gr Harga 100.000 Review sedikit ya masker ini dr mimin, masker bner2 99% miripp bgt sama Glam Glow Youthmud (harga 800k) biasa disebut dupe nya glam glow ???? Worth It bgt pakai mask ini harga lebih murah tetapi kualitas nya bagus dan sama Kelebihan lainnya masker terbuat 100% Vegan yang mengandung ???? green tea leaves from Japan ????Tea tree oil from Kenya ????Bamboo Charcoal Cocok bangettt buat kamu yang punya masalah oily and trouble skin karena ini Detox Mask bisa mengangkat kotoran wajah sekaligus scrub dari green tea leaves nya, 1 mask 2 function dan bisa mengurangi jerawat pada wajah???????? . Cara penggunaanya juga mudah: 1. Oleskan pada wajah yg bersih diamin kira-kira 15-20 menit 2. Setelah masker kering, basahi tangan dan muka dikit aja, dengan gerakan memutar scrub wajah kamu 3. Bilas sampai bersih dengan air hangat . 1000% ORI beli di counter The Body Shop dan di share di kemasan aman dan bersih dan ambilnya pakai spatula . . . #shareinjarsmurah #shareinjarscosrx #shareinjarmakeup #shares #shareinjarklairs #shareinjarcosrx #thebodyshopmurah #thebodyshopid #jualmaskermurah #maskerwajah #maskermuka #maskerwajahmurah #maskerjerawat #jualthebodyshop #jualthebodyshoporiginal #jualthebodyshopindo #jualthebodyshopmurah #thebodyshophimalayancharcoal #jualmaskerkorea #masksheet #jualmasksheetmurah

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Innisfree Real Rose Mask

If there was ever a mask that could make you feel like you were in a luxury spa, it would be this one from Innisfree. The soothing properties of roses mixed with the scent makes this one simply irresistible.

Innisfree Real Rose Mask 100ml IDR 190k DETAILS What it is – A refreshing finish from fresh, natural ingredients – Sweet rose formula for moist, transparent skin – Gives skin warmth with a jelly-like, moisturizing texture. – Refreshes skin with a delicate natural fragrance while applying this mask. What else you need to know * Real Pack Line  Real wash-off pack treating skin problems with fresh, natural ingredients How to use After a facial wash, spread an adequate amount over a clean and dry face, away from the eyes and mouth. Massage for about 1~2 minutes as to feel the heat and after 10~15 minutes, rinse using lukewarm water. (Recommended use: 3~4 times a week) #jualrealrosemask #realrosemask #maskermawar #jualmaskermawar #innisfreerosemask #rosemask #jualrosemask #jualmasker #jualmaskerkoreamurah #getbeautylook

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All these face masks are now available on Nykaa.com and at a Sephora near you!