5 Hashtags That Are #So2014!

The last couple of years saw a huge (phenomenal, even!) rise in the usage of hashtags in all kinds of social media. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook users use several hashtags in a single post in order to avoid writing entire sentences when expressing themselves. While hashtags are, admittedly, necessary for gathering traffic and post reach, #writing #entire #passages #like #this #can #be #majorly #annoying!

SC made a list of 5 #hashtags that have been over-abused and overused to the point crazy and should be given a break in 2015. These 5 hashtags say “#So2014” loud and clear!

1. #SorryNotSorry – This was a cute way of dishing out some divalicious attitude at first, but it got real annoying real fast. We are not at all sorry to see this one go!

source - http://bit.ly/1KBDlkZ
source – http://bit.ly/1KBDlkZ

2. #ThrowbackThursday – Or #Tbt – abbreviated – is used by social media junkies world over when they post any picture older than a week. Seriously, this hashtag is supposed to be put on baby pictures of yourself or vintage images only, not on your drunken selfie from last month!

source - http://bit.ly/1spIir9
source – http://bit.ly/1spIir9


3. #FlashbackFriday – After #Tbt comes the #FlashbackFriday, which is basically the same thing. Let’s let this one go too – it screams “last year”!

source - http://bit.ly/1xgj0an
source – http://bit.ly/1xgj0an

4. #Blessed – This poor hashtag was abused so much we feel sorry for it. It’s a good thing that so many people feel thankful for so many things, but really, feeling #blessed on finding the perfect teddy bear to cuddle with is a bit too much.

source - http://bit.ly/1tZgHIP
source – http://bit.ly/1tZgHIP


5. #Selfie – The reason we need to retire this one in the new year is that its a classic case of “stating the obvious”. You do not need to tag your picture with #selfie, when people can clearly see its a selfie!

source - http://bit.ly/1DPjnhV
source – http://bit.ly/1DPjnhV


Drop a comment below and tell us which hashtags you think are #So2014!