5 Hottest Cricketers This ICC World Cup

Here’s 5 dapper looking reasons why we’ll be watching this year’s World Cup!

1. Brendon McCullum – Nicknamed ‘Bazz’, captain of the Kiwis had to make our list. This father of two, makes our hearts flutter and insides dance with that gorgeous smile…and eyes…and the tattoos… You get it, don’t you?

1 Brendon McCullum

2. Kevin Pietersen – Okay, we know he isn’t really playing but swapping his bat for the microphone counts. And we couldn’t resist having him on the list. England’s greatest modern batsman sets a million hearts racing with his good looks and impeccable style.

2 Kevin Pietersen

3. Michael Clarke – Michael has got to be the one of the most good looking guys in the history of world cricket.
The perfect build, the gorgeous soulful eyes and the winning smile, he has got it all.


4. Mitchell Johnson – One hell of a player, Mitchell takes it away with his great looks (love his current mustache!), amazing body and his awesome sense of style.


5. Virat Kohli – He has got to be the star himself. A legend in the making, no woman in the country can escape his charm. Its definitely got to be the hair. And his limitless self-confidence!

5 Virat Kohli

Tell us in the comments which cricketers make your hearts soar with their suave style!