5 Influencers Tell Us Their Favourite Brands To Shop From

With so many brands available in India, it can be hard to navigate and find out which ones are actually great buys. Of course you could go hunt them all down yourself and make a decision, but there’s an easier way to do it.

We spoke to a handful of influencers, yes these ladies shop a whole lot, in Bombay and Delhi to tell us their favourite brands and what makes them so amazing.

Here’s what they had to say:

Surbhi Sethi

"Within our core self is an indelible blueprint of unrivaled individuality—the singular being that each of us exists to express. In this three-dimensional movie called “Life” there are no stand-ins, body doubles, or understudies—no one can fill in for us by proxy! Realization of this truth alone eliminates the need to imitate, conform, limit, or betray our loyalty to the originality of Self. Imagine the relief of removing your carefully crafted masks fashioned by societal forms of conditioning and instead responding to what comes into your experience directly from your Authentic Self. One of the first principles to honor in your relationship with yourself is to respect and trust your own inner voice. This form of trust is the way of the heart, the epitome of well-being." #wordstoinhale by #MichaelBeckwith _ ???? @tarunchawlaphotography

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I love the way N&S Gaia infuse sustainability in their design practices and their revival of lost artisanal crafts. Another one to watch out for is Omaana Jaipur, for their earthy luxe ensembles. There are also a few more Jaipur based labels that I really love and wish were available in Delhi like Ritu Jain Singh, Aekatri and Nangalia Ruchira. They all make such good use of locally available crafts and fabrics to create stunning contemporary collections each season.

Akshita Sekhri

Rashmi Varma is an all time favourite she truly gets India modern in her technique and silhouettes. I love Urban Dhani because it’s the one stop shop to all my jewellery needs. It’s luxury and uniqueness at the same time, so the careful curation is definitely a USP. Shivangi Sahni is a Delhi favourite. From resort to festive, she has everything you’ll need and her quality and finish is amazing!

Pallavi Chaturvedi

A gorgeous saree store in Kolkata, ByLoom does prints like no one else. I love them for the ease (softest cotton), quirkiness and uniqueness. I love both Raiman (the girl), and her designs. Especially adore her maxi dresses in quintessential Indian prints with clever cut outs. And finally, I shopped at The Yellow Gypsy while in Jaipur, and I can’t tell you how amazing the clothes feel. Cool designs, good to feel and well priced.

Rasna Bhasin


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I love Polo Factory simply because their garments exude comfort. Another one I love for their statement, alternate jewellery is Square Loop. And Urban Dhani is my one stop all for all my baubles. Every time I am in a fix when it comes to accessories, that’s where I head.

Tia Paranjape

When it comes to redefining Indie basics, not a lot of brands do it like Arah. For your one stop shop for festive wear, head to Nomad. And finally, I love Renge because it epitomises that subtle sexy trend everyone is loving right now.

The best part is that most of the brands on this list will be showcasing their latest collection at the StyleCracker Loft in Delhi at 1AQ tomorrow, all day long! So if you’re stepping out for a bit of retail therapy tomorrow, you know where to be!

Head here for more details and here to see all the brands that are participating.

And just incase you need a list of cool things to do in Delhi tomorrow, before or after attending the StyleCracker Loft, this might help you – yes, we thought of everything!