SC Inside Out | 5 Instagram Style Hacks We Can’t Wait To Try

Instagram is a great place to be. If you’re ever looking for inspiration; lifestyle, food, style or pretty much anything – you’ll find it on Instagram. As a longstanding loyalist, I’ve posted my fair share of #ootds to the ‘gram. I’m one of those girls who will conjure up an occasion out of thin air just to wear that new outfit I bought. So you can understand when I tell you that finding the right white tee or looking just right is something I strive for. It’s also important to consider the environment. Shopping every month for a new outfit or five isn’t something you should be proud of. Instead, learn how to revamp and reuse what you already have. And that’s where these style hacks I found on Instagram come into play.

Jeans too loose? Don’t dump them, there’s a way to fix it and it doesn’t even involve meeting your tailor.

Keep scrolling and I’ll reveal it all…

1. Not that I have anything against your bra straps showing; sometimes it can just be a buzzkill for your look. Here’s an easy way to hide them with just a handy little safety pin

2. Bored of wearing your tee the normal way? Just give it a little twist; and I mean that quite literally!

3. Of course you can wear your scarves in your hair, but how fun would it be to wear them as a top! Let Prerna show you how. PS, the second style is my favourite!

4. So you lost some weight during the lockdown, good on you! But now your jeans won’t fit. Just pull out a shoe lace and you’re good to go

5. Another scarf trick I just can’t get over! How cute is this revamped tee? And so easy to do as well

See what I mean? You can do so much with what you already have! Give these a shot and tell me what you think 🙂

Happy styling!