The Only 3 Products You Need To Create A Home Spa Day

We advise you to take the day off work once you’ve read this post and bought all the products. In our fast-paced lives, we hardly find time to get a pedicure at a salon, let alone go to the spa. Quiet massages, scented and effective oils and calming music is something we experience maybe once or twice a year. And it’s simply because we’d rather skip the travel and we don’t have time to spend three hours without any technology (admit it, your phone is like an extension of your arm).

The answer to this is simple; bring the spa home. We’ve already told you about how great Pahadi Local’s products are. In fact, some of their oils and scrubs are multifunctional and can totally be used to create the perfect home spa day. Here’s how:

1. Start With A Scrub

Pahadi Local has a bunch of scrubs that can be used for different purposes. They have Khal which is made from apricots and can be used as both a body and face scrub. They also have Markala which is a clay scrub that can treat acne (great for the face and acne prone skin).

2. Top It Up With A Moisturiser

What you’re looking for is something that will go deep into the problem areas and thoroughly moisturise you, leaving your skin hydrated and glowy. We found Gutti Ka Tel at Pahadi Local that absorbs well into your skin but is non-greasy at the same time. It can be used for both, the face and body.

3. Don’t Leave Out Your Hair

If you’re pampering your body, don’t leave out your hair. Their Akhrot Ka Tel is perfect for a head-massage (ask your mum for help here) and can even take care of dandruff and hair loss.

While you’re doing all this, don’t forget a cup of refreshing tea. They have an assortment that will rejuvenate you like no spa can.

You can find Pahadi Local at the StyleCracker Borough on the 25th and 26th of November at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse!