5 Signs That Show You’re A Selfie Addict!

It’s the end of 2014–from teenage girls to elderly guys to filmstars to even world leaders, damn near everyone on Earth has taken a selfie by this point. Some folks, though, take the “art” of taking selfies way too far. Are you cripplingly addicted to pouting into your phone’s camera lens? If more than one of the things on this list applies, the answer is a resounding “yes.” You need to give yourself a break and #Cut #It #Out. 

1. Your profile pictures on all your social media pages is a selfie. And you can’t find a non-selfie profile picture in there no matter how far back you go. You’ve clearly got a problem, love!

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2. Your cover image on Facebook is a collage of you (by yourself or in a group!) pouting from every single angle. Basically, all of your Timeline looks like Selfie Central. 


3. You post on Instagram way too much. Having 10,000 posts on Instagram is crazy. And the fact that you only signed up two months ago makes it insane. Is taking selfies literally the only thing you do? How are you still alive, for God’s sake? When’s the last time you ate?


4. You’re always Throwing Back. Your Throwback Thursday post is just a picture of you from last Thursday. That doesn’t really count, you know. If you don’t have anything interesting to ‘Gram, just don’t ‘Gram anything at all. 




5. You have taken a selfie with everything imaginable. Food, pets, family, friends, strangers, your new table lamp! Also, at some point of time you have clicked the ‘Pretending to sleep’ selfie and your phone memory is full to bursting with “Bathroom Mirror” selfies. 




You do know that clicking too many selfies is an actual problem, which the scientists are now calling “Selfitis”, right?