5 Stylish Ways To Wear A Dupatta

When shopping for the festive season, versatility is key! Finding that one piece that can be worn in different ways is important simply because it saves you time and so much money. Functional pieces like these will be on display at the StyleCracker Souk on the 29th of September at Tote on the Turf. And to give you a little peek, here’s how we’re styling a dupatta in 5 different ways this season.

1. Drape it like a sari

Tuck it in your trousers, lehenga or sharara and wrap it around your torso to cheat that effortless sari look.

2. Wear it like a cape

Drape the two ends of the dupatta over your shoulders like a cape. You can leave it as it is or secure it with a belt.

3. Add a knot

Give your dupatta a little something extra by simply tying the end of one side in a chic little knot.

4. Style it with a fanny pack

Simply wrap your dupatta around your neck and add a fanny pack to secure it. This way you’re handsfree and can dance all night long!

5. Belt it and go!

And the easiest way to make your outfit look more put together than the rest is with a simple belt!

So you see, one dupatta could be worn in so many ways! Imagine what you could do with a versatile choli!

You can find this entire outfit, including the dupatta at the StyleCracker Souk! Don’t forget to RSVP!