Our Stylists Share 5 Tips On How To Pick Out Summer Dresses For Curvy Girls

Whether you’re an hourglass, pear or apple shaped, just know that curvy girls have all the fun when it comes to dresses. They tend to flare out in all the right places and highlight the even better parts of your body; but that’s only if you pick the right ones. Don’t get me wrong, a body-hugging bandeau dress à la Kim Kardashian could look like perfection on curves. But if you want to avoid that Kardashian-style malfunction, let our stylists (get personal access to them here) give you all the tips you need!

1. Pick a dress that isn’t too fitted

Unless you feel like pulling a Beyoncé, opt for a dress that isn’t too fitted. Slightly looser than figure-hugging works wonders for a curvy body.

2. Show off your legs!

Goblet or triangle shaped curvy girls have skinny legs, so why not show them off?

3. Pick a style that highlights the smallest part of your body

This is generally your waist. So if you’re big on the bust, hips it’s good to accentuate your waist.

4. Make sure the prints aren’t too bold

Subtle prints look fantastic and for summer, make sure you work some pastels and florals in.

5. This is your chance to go low on the neck

A high-neckline will just make you look chunky. Take a walk on the wild side and go a bit lower with your neckline.

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