5 Sustainable Outfits On Our 2020 Wishlist

As we head into the new decade, we’ve all made some very specific resolutions. One of them for a lot of us on Team StyleCracker is to be more mindful about our daily routines. What we eat, what we wear, how much water we consume and so on. For most of us, 2020 is going to be the year when we choose to repeat rather than purchase and when we do decide to buy, it’s going to be thoughtful; it’s going to be sustainable. We came across The Summer House and they sell ‘thoughtful garments that go beyond seasons’ – which is exactly what we’re looking for…

We picked out a few pieces we love…

1. Perfect for the office

2. Perfect for holidays by the beach

3. Perfect for lunch meetings

4. Perfect for cocktail parties

5. Perfect for Sunday brunch

It seems as though they have an outfit for every occasion. The one we loved the most however was this piece that could work as a slip dress, or made to be a bit more formal with a sheer dress layered on it – versatility is always a winner!


So what’s your 2020 resolution?

You can shop The Summer House online here and keep an eye for new updates on their social media here.