5 Things To Do Before Playing Holi!

The festival of colours is just a day away and we have a list of pre-Holi self care rituals that are a must follow!

1.  To protect your hair from the dire consequences of synthetic colours and harsh chemicals, give yourself a thorough head massage with a coconut based hair oil.  Coconut oil achieves up to 90 percent hair penetration right through to the cortex, thus forming a protective layer around your hair, preventing it from the damaging effects of not only colour, but heat and dirt, because the molecules are arranged in a linear fashion and light chained. Therefore, it can pass through the outer cuticle.



2. Get yourself a wide headband/scarf or a chic bandana around your head to protect your hair from getting tangled or damaged due to artificial colour. It would be advisable to tie up your hair while playing Holi. Open hair tends to tangle and damage your hair even more, while it’s difficult for the colour to penetrate when the hair is tied in a braid. You can don a fashionable side braid or a side ponytail.


3. Swap your regular body wash for a super moisturizing mixture of milk cream (malai) and honey (two ingredients you’ll easily find in every kitchen!) a day before you play colours. It will prevent the colours from going in too deep and they’ll come out easily in one wash.

4. On the Holi morning, before stepping out, apply a layer of coconut oil on your body, massaging it in deeply. Coconut oil is great for the skin and it will act as a barrier and prevent colours from coming in direct contact with the skin, lessening the damage.


5. Go out and buy some rose water. After you’ve scrubbed yourself clean of the Holi colours, and before you soak yourself in post festival body lotion, take some time to apply a generous amount of rose water everywhere (including the face). It acts as a real soothing agent and will totally calm down the skin after the ordeal that it has been through.

It would be easier on your skin, hair, eyes and the environment in general if you just stay away from synthetic colours and instead play with organic colours this Holi!

Whatever you do, the important thing is to have a blast. Team StyleCracker wishes you the most colourful and happiest Holi ever!