6 Restaurants & Bars To Add To Your Must-Visit List Today!

Yes we’re all about style at StyleCracker but we’d be lying if we didn’t tell you we love food just as much. Why else do you think all our Boroughs and Night Markets have the most delicious offerings to go with all the fashion? On a good day, we style a bunch of beautiful women and manage to order in a whole range of cuisines at the headquarters – it’s the fuel that keeps us going after all!

Outside the office however, we’ve come to frequent a few places quite often – because once you find a dish or drink that hits the spot, you can’t help but go back for more. Here are 6 such places we’d recommend you visited as soon as this weekend, after the StyleCracker Night Market, of course 🙂

1. If you’re on the hunt for drinks on a budget, but still yummy at the same time, The Bar Stock Exchange in Bandra won’t let you down!

2. Looking for a stack of delicious pancakes and a drink to go with it? The Little Door is your best bet!

3. As Asia’s first wine on tap restaurant, both their wines and cheeses are to die for.

4. You won’t find an appam as addictive as the ones at Hoppum in Bandra

5. If you feel like some Netflix and chill, order in your meal from Kababchi. Their curries and tandoor really hit the spot.

6. It doesn’t get better than your good ol’ Leopold Cafe for a chilled tower of beer and a great time, all night long.



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