7 Black Bras To Make You Feel Sexy Instantly

I know I know, who can see your bra anyway, right? Unless you’re married or have a partner, looking for a sexy bra isn’t something you’re used to prioritising when you’re out shopping for lingerie. But as it turns out, boyfriend or not, putting on one of those lacy or cutout numbers has the power to instantly make you feel sexy. A confidence booster, it’s something you do for yourself, everyone else’s opinions be damned!

Now you’ve got to agree, black is easily one of the hottest shades in the spectrum. So by default, a black bra could be that holy grail to feeling sexy, am I right?

We headed to lingerieshop.com to pick out some of the hottest ones they had, but before that we stumbled upon their campaign video. Take a look:

Ready to add some sexy to your wardrobe now?Β You Fantasize Me (Rs 2,299)

Racy Hind (Rs 2,099)

Key To Love (Rs 2,399)

Hold Onto Me (Rs 1,900)

Feel Like Your’s (Rs 1,999)

Blend In (Rs 2,600)

I Am Owned (Rs 2,699)



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