7 Cool Labels You Need To Shop From In 2018

I made a bunch of new resolutions for 2018 and as you’d expect, one of them was for my clothes. I promised to start focusing more on the quality of the pieces I buy rather than the quantity. If I can wear it at least five to ten times, then it’s worth it. Another part of this resolution was to look at new designers. Wearing head-to-toe Zara or H&M had to end and give way to newer, cooler brands and labels.

So I asked team StyleCracker to tell me some of their favourite new labels to shop from, and added in a few I found on my own. Here’s what we came up with:

1. Urban Suburban

Started by three sisters, Urban Suburban has already been a part of the StyleCracker Borough and Night Market that just went by. So you know we’re fans. They have designs that are the answer to “what do I wear to brunch?” or “what do I wear to Alibaug with the girls this weekend?”

2. Shloka Khialani

I’ve reached that stage where I’ve just about mixed and matched all my traditional outfits and there are no combinations left. Enter Shloka Khialani and her collection of contemporary festive wear. It’s safe to say her pieces have the right amount of drama and functionality to keep my outfit on point for this year’s set of weddings.

3. Twinkle Hanspal

How different could you make a black jumpsuit or a classic white suit look? When you’re Twinkle Hanspal, the variations are endless. She keeps her silhouettes simple but with an added knot or twist, which really takes the piece to a whole new level.

4. Since 1988

There’s one specific piece from this little Bandra boutique that a lot of celebrities and influencers have worn. I found a way to make that ‘dress over pants’ trend work because of it and in 2018, there’s no holding back!

5. Little Things

If comfort is your thing, you need Little Things in your life. Their silhouettes are easy, fuss-free and so wearable, you won’t want to take them off.

6. Maati

Another label on the lines of Little Things is Maati. Every piece is cotton based and super wearable, no matter what your size.

7. Rengé

Your date night would be incomplete without an outfit from Rengé. Be it a skirt, bralet or top, everything comes with flirty detailing you can’t help but fall in love with.

Now tell us, which one is more you and which label will you shop from first?