7 Cool See-Through Bags and What Not To Keep In Them

See-through Bags are the “in” thing this season. SC lists the 7 that will instantly raise your chic quotient for the monsoons.

  1. Wallbies Bag on StalkBuyLove.com (₹ 1,349)
  2. Asos Clear Clutch on Asos.com (₹ 2,146)
  3. See My Stache on StalkBuyLove.com (₹ 1,049)
  4. Klear Klutch I See Right Through You on Asos.com (₹ 5,211)
  5. Crystal Clear PVC Clutch on DoneByNone.com (₹ 1,599)
  6. ANQI The Iggy on Facebook.com/BagsbyANQI (₹ 1500)
  7. O’ Mighty Alien Backpack on NastyGal.com (₹ 4508)


The only issue when it comes to using see-through bags is to decide what contents are okay for the world to see!

SC lays down 7 strict no-no’s while carrying a see-through bag:

  • Tampons (or any other female hygiene products) – They’ll make your date (and every other man out there) super uncomfortable.
  • Cash – A big visible wad of cash will just cause bag-snatchers to go all “Challenge Accepted” on you. Keep the money in a cute printed pouch instead and let that show!
  • Trash – Items like used cotton balls, old tickets, dirty tissues and candy wrappers. Find a dustbin!
  • Pills – It’s always a bad idea to reveal how much medication you take.
  • Comb – Nobody wants to look at a comb with hair on it.
  • Ketchup Sachets from McDonald’s , KFC, or any other fast food chain, really. It’s not cool.
  • Acetone/Nail Polish Remover – It will ruin the PVC if spilled.

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