5 Hairdos You Can Wear To Work AND Play

Going from work to a party is something we’re all familiar with. The situation arises more often than you’d imagine and most people concentrate on just dressing up their work outfit before logging off. Open up your hair, a swipe of bright lipstick and you’re ready to go – right?

But as it turns out, your hairdo can actually make a world of a difference. So much that it won’t even matter if you showed up to party in your work clothes. Now I’m not asking you to do something elaborate in your tiny office cubicle before you head to drinks. There are a few hairstyles that actually work well for both – work and play.

So get scrolling and don’t forget to try these at home!

1. Make a fishtail braid starting from the back of your head to your neck. Loosen the strands to make it look slightly dishevelled leaving you with an effortless ponytail.

2. A bun is a sure-shot winner at work. Pull out the front two strands of hair before you head out and voilà, you’re now ready for that hot dinner date!

3. Instead of using just one rubber band, how about seven? Tie your hair in gaps like Sarah Angius to create this runway, work and party approved hairdo. P.S. a little hair gel or spray goes a long way while creating this look.

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4. Who said you can’t have beachy waves at work? Tuck your softly curled locks behind your ears at the office and let it loose when you set out. They don’t call it “letting your hair down” for nothing!

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5. When you’re done making a low ponytail, take a lock of hair from the bottom and wrap it around your rubber band. Not only does it look chic, it looks like you put in extra effort to create!