7 new and incredible ways to own that summer ponytail

Not your throwaway hairstyle anymore, the classic summer ponytail is going through a major makeover, and we have our favourite celebrities to thank for it.

Ponytails make a perfect hairdo for any hair type, length or texture. It is extremely versatile, functional and absolutely perfect for summer. Since it is no longer just your gym buddy, we thought you might be looking for more inspiration, which is why here are some incredible ways to reinvent your ponytail –


  • After flat ironing and securing your hair into a low ponytail, wrap a velvet ribbon around the middle section working your way down for about 3-4 inches, and tie a small knot. Settle the flyaways with hairspray, if needed. Perfect for an elegant evening look.


  • The only trick here is to reverse your usual parting, and pull your hair back neatly.


  • Queen of ponytails, Gwen Stefani definitely knows how to define that pouf. Tease your hair around the crown, and pin them back in a high to low proportion.

  • Tie a partially loose ponytail, and pull out a few strands from the front, in order to frame your face in an undone manner. Low key and casual.


  • You can achieve this ponytail version of a braid by simply tying some hair ties at equal intervals of your low ponytail, to get a rope-like effect.


  • This hairstyle is great for those who love their hair straight but would like to have some texture too. Simply crimp some side strands before you pull it back into a ponytail. Playful and great for a day to night look.


  • Here’s a perfectly balanced ponytail with equal amounts of sleek and tousled volume. Undone and glamorous for a night out.


Wish we knew more ways to experiment like so, during our school years!



Image courtesy: Howcast, Modernsalon.com, Womannow, MarieClaire.com, Getty images