7 Things A Fashion Girl Can’t Do Without This August

It’s a new month and I don’t know about you, but I have a whole new set of goals to achieve for August. Every month comes with a fresh start and if you’ve been holding back on that gym membership for “next month”, well it’s here! Apart from getting your body in shape, August is still the month of more rain and less sunshine. Which calls for a switch in not only your wardrobe, but your shoes, accessories and makeup too.

So if you’re ready to take on something different for the month, here are 7 things you need for a spanking new August.

1. A jacket you can wear with everything

Rose pink, also known as millennial pink seems to be the shade of the season! The light, dusty colour can be worked with pretty much anything and in the form of this parka, it’ll even protect you from that freezing office air-conditioning and the rain outside.

H&M Old Rose Hooded Parka (Rs 2,999)

2. Something embroidered

Embroidery seems to be everywhere I look these days. From jeans and tops to shoes and bags, it’s taken over every item of clothing or accessory you can imagine. This summer, I succumbed and picked up a floral embroidered handbag and while it’s not exactly rain resistant, a little drizzle will do it no harm.

Zara Embroidered Leather Crossbody Bag (Rs 6,990)

3. Footwear that won’t get ruined in the rain

If you ask me, gumboots or wellingtons were made for Mumbai, what with the way it floods so often. But if you’re still not feeling it, what you need is a footwear that basically won’t get ruined when it’s pouring. Kudos if you’re ready to risk your white kicks, but in the monsoon, jelly is the only way to go!

Forever21 Jelly Ankle-Strap Sandals (Rs 1,599)

2. A highlighter that really pops

Looking like you’ve just returned from a beach vacay all year round is never a bad thing. A good bronzer and highlighter combo can totally make it happen! I tried Estée Lauder’s Bronze Goddess collection and there’s really no going back.

Collection starts at Rs 1,900.

3. Hair accessories to divert attention from any frizz

Frizz and unruly hair during August is inevitable. The best thing you can do is keep your hair tied in a braid or a top knot. But since you can’t just leave it to that, how about adding on an accessory? Try a bun cuff or some sparkling pins for maximum effect!

Chloe + Isabel x Jen Atkin Lattice Bun Cuff (Rs 3, 500 approx)

6. A delicate piece for your wrist

August also means Rakshabandhan. While you’re out looking for your brother’s rakhi, there’s no reason you shouldn’t pick out a new wrist accessory for yourself. Just think of how cute it’ll look with your watch.Pipa Bella Celestial Bracelet (Rs 1,359)

7. The StyleCracker Box

This one’s a no-brainer. Instead of going out and getting yourself each of these things, how about just picking up an SC Box? They fit your budget, everything comes in your size and you can easily return what you don’t like (but I doubt that’ll happen).

Find out more about the box here