9 Tinder stories that turned into HORROR

Cute or creepy?

Decide with caution! Preparing for a run without a single meet? We’re all on the same boat. Reddit’s Tinder confessions had insanity flowing, so we thought of doling out our favourites for you!

Pay for the fuel at least?

“My best friend decided to meet a girl he spoke to on Tinder, picked her up and drove to a hotel. They were walking into the room and she says, “Oh shit, I forgot my purse in the car. Do you mind if I go grab it?”. He says, “Yeah, that’s fine,” and hands over the keys. Five minutes later, he walks outside wondering where she is and guess what, his car is gone.”

Let’s go straight to the Gynaec?

“The only Tinder date I went on- the woman told me that her goal was to get pregnant in the next few months. I eloped right out of there!”

Classrooms are for studying, okay?

“Matched with my batchmate from college on Tinder. She’s married and has herpes.”

Leave this loner alone.

“Biggest horror ever- I’ve never matched with anybody on Tinder. Not even a single match. FML.”

Father me please?

“Met a girl at a coffee shop, she sits down quiet and says this first thing- Let’s cut the chase, I need a father for my four sons. I got up and left.”

Family problems, I tell you.

“Matched with my first cousin.”

Dude, that escalated quick!

“Went on a date with a girl who had already told her entire family about me, before we even met. And she wanted me to meet them in person on the first date. DUDE.”

How could she do this?

“Got a Tinder notification on my phone…realised I don’t have Tinder and was holding my girlfriends phone.”

You sneaky little b..

“Swiped right, we matched, decide to meet and my dad shows up. Deleted the app. Never downloading it again.”


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