7 underwear questions you’ve ALWAYS wanted to ask

They light up her world- so do her a favour and give us those ears.

If you’re slipping into your trousers with her sitting curled up in bed, you better give her a sight she’s waiting to see. There’s so much more to underwear than you could ever imagine- going full commando isn’t always the right thing to do and changing them mid-day isn’t abnormal behavior. Answers to the questions you’ve been yearning to learn, ANSWERED!

Boxers or briefs?


The war is age-old and unless a baby’s on your mind, wearing briefs should just about be kay. Fashion and comfort aside, it’s almost a personal choice too. However aesthetically- stay away from wearing tight underpants daily, since sperm production is centered around scrotal temperature and you don’t want your chances diminishing. Since briefs offer great structure and support, wearing them through sweat-induced sessions will definitely do you good as well! And if you’re eyeing ample leg movement, boxers will provide you with just that.

Verdict: Pros and cons, but none will really do you wrong.

Underwear, when should I walk away from you?


Discarding them timely is a basic hygienic exercise. As a thumb rule, replace them once a year! Visible signs that they deserve a throw: waist-band has lost its elasticity, the fit isn’t that great anymore (maybe due to weight gain/loss), and it possess holes and has turned faded, jaded or saggy.

Buying hack that’d last them the long mile: Opt for underwear with a double or triple stitch on the waistband. Check for reinforced stitching too, it would help extend the life of your beloved!

How on earth do I maintain my tighty whities?


Daily laundry won’t suffice! Pairs of white underwear will comparatively have more visible stains and hence, a few extra efforts here and there will keep them crispy white. Use baking soda to remove tough stains but don’t overdo it, you’ll cause damage to the threading and end up ruining its durability. Wash them in warm water only and most importantly, wear them less often!

Primarily, what to do: Save them for days when your underwear has to do the talking. And if the laundry business that comes with white underwear is giving you nightmares, call it quits. Disclaimer: NEVER USE BLEACH!

Do fabrics really matter?


Heard of a jock-itch? You can prevent it with the right fabric (by simply investing in sweat-wicking underwear). Though cotton and modal are the common fabric choices, breath-ability isn’t the only aspect that holds imperative in underwear. Woolen and thermal options are great for colder climates and spandex is the best bet for physical activities that’d last for long.

Try: Performance fabrics! Provide support to the crotch during intense exercises and uplift the comfort you deserve all day long.

Athletic underwear? Do they even help?


If you’re on the field, the ball better be in your court. With performance-driven fabrics and cuts for added support- athletic underwears offer unparalleled help in low-intensity workouts and even intense fitness sessions. Prevent odour-causing bacteria, facilitate faster moisture-absorption and expect recovery in a matter of minutes!

Try: The best of both worlds, fabric blends are superb too! While one would prevent the thighs from rubbing together, the other would keep your legs tight for extended running or an exhausting drill.

Is going full commando normal?


Don’t hurt your little! You could stay tucked in the nude or cuddle like a baby, but imagine the risk of hurting yourself? So basically, DON’T. You hold chances of rubbing against heavier trouser fabrics and even, the metal part of the zipper. Ouch! Save time on laundry by always wearing underwear, and prevent stains from showing up on your trousers!

Try: Not going commando.

Debate aside, what is the best style of underwear then?


Wear them anywhere, anytime! Shorter than your boxers or briefs of choice, boxer briefs are made with the default ability of protection during workouts and utmost comfort with a moderate rise on the waist. Though they provide the same comfort as briefs, they comparatively offer full-proof coverage. What else do you need- great for everyday wear and even to the gym, right?

Try: Not trying anything else.

Hope we have you covered?

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