8 Outfits We Loved On Alia Bhatt!

Have you heard? For Alia Bhatt’s birthday, you’re going to be the one getting the presents! As Alia turns 25 today, we’re giving you 25% off on a StyleCracker Box all through this month. And that’s not all, the best cakes come with a cherry on top and apart from that cool 25% off, Alia’s added some handpicked goodies to each and every box too – so who’s the real winner?

Since we love pretty much everything about our investor, we decided to show you some of our favourite Alia outfits on account of her birthday. So if you’re reading, happy birthday AB, we thought you looked fantastic in these clothes!

She wore this to the IIFA Awards and I don’t know if she won anything, but definitely deserved to in this!

It’s not always about those elaborate traditional outfits – Simple is sweet!

This Abu Sandeep number looks like it was made just for her!

Who else thinks she could pass off as a real-life princess?

Keeping it casual looks great on Alia

But she can transform into a glam-diva real quick!

We love how easy and effortless she looks in this Abu Sandeep number

And we’ll never forget that time she looked like a princess at her bff’s wedding

Here’s to you Alia, may you always be the happy-shiny stunner we all love!