8 Shoes You Need To Survive Wedding Season

Firstly, all 12 months of the year count as wedding season these days. When you’re in a certain age bracket, people are getting married practically every weekend, and your nights are now spent mostly at dance practice and receptions than at the clubs. While your clothes are obviously important during these times, it’s your shoes that can make or break your look. Imagine your toes getting pinched all night long, or not having the right bedazzled pair for your intricate sari? Enter Gossip Shoes. They’ve been in the business since 1991, so they truly know their stuff.

And most importantly, a majority of their collection is ideal for wedding season. We picked out 8 that could be perfect for both – the bride and the wedding guests.

1. The one that’s sparkly in the front and comfy in the back

2. The one that glitters all day, everyday

3. The one that does both – comfort and style

4. The one that’s ideal for tall girls and girls who love flats

5. The one that creates a sparkly illusion

6. The one you’ll wear to every mehendi and sangeet

7. The one your cocktail dress can’t do without

8. The one that’s a whole lot of sexy and shiny

Found something you were looking for? We certainly did! Find their stores at Palladium, Infinity Mall, Warden Road and Nariman Point. You can visit their website here and keep an eye on their social media for updates here.