9 Compliments Girls Actually Want to Hear from Guys

9 out of 10 girls will not give you a second look if you say ‘you are pretty’. We’ve heard this before, over and over again. If you really want to know what actually works, the things girls really want to hear, you need to also understand WHY they work.

1. I think the *specific mannerism* that you do is adorable.

This shows that you notice the little things, you are paying attention.

2. Your personality is the most appealing thing about you.

Every girl has heard the ‘oh, you’re so pretty.’ We just need more. Look into who we really are, and appreciate us for what we really are.

3. I love that you are always full of surprises.

Nobody wants to be boring and predictable. If a girl keeps taking you by surprise, tell her.

4. I’m so fascinated by your mind.

Nothing is more attractive than the mind. Sapiosexuals, as defined by UrbanDictionary, are people attracted to intelligence.

5. You motivate me to *do something important/meaningful*.

Being the source of someone’s motivation is ALWAYS a good thing. It makes you feel worthy and meaningful.

6. There’s this inexplicable grace to you.

Inexplicable things are always more interesting, because there’s ambiguity involved. If a girl believes that the inexplicable grace comes from something she does in particular, she will appreciate and understand it. Maybe it’s the way she walks, or the poised manner in which she behaves. Whatever it is, it makes her graceful, and that is a win.

7. Have I ever mentioned how *your favourite compliment*?

The difference between ‘You have beautiful eyes’ and ‘have I ever mentioned how beautiful your eyes are’ is that one is a cheesy compliment or a compliment that has been heard over and over again, and the other is a reminder, adding value to that compliment.

8. When I’m around you, I’m on top of the world.

When the mere presence of an individual brings you happiness, that’s when you know you have found something special.

9. You make me want to be a better person.

Everybody wants to do good, or feel like they make the world a better place. What better a way than to exude so much goodness that you make the people you are around be better humans themselves.





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