’90s fashionistas: Then and now

Ever feel that rush when you go through your old photo albums and watch that obvious transformation or even laugh at your sartorial choices back then? Well, today we’re going down memory lane with some our favourite ’90s fashionistas only to show you how sometimes, a mistake or two are quite necessary in the path to becoming a stylish success!

Victoria Beckham, aka, Posh Spice

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Our beloved little Posh spice was quite different back when she started her career as a part of one of the biggest girl music groups in the ‘90s – many a transformations later, she became the well-kempt and dainty designer she is today.


The British Fashion Awards 2014


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From being a part of Destiny’s child to the multiple award-winning music sensation she is today, her style has certainly evolved ever since she began her career – from shy and limited to the trend-setting diva today, we sure do love her style to bits!



Jennifer Lopez

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We think a part of Jennifer Lopez has still stayed true to her – risqué choices galore, from the early years of her career where she shocked us with that plunging Versace gown to the rather revealing Versace dress at the Met Gala recently, some things just don’t change, and we aren’t complaining!



Gwen Stefani

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Not much has changed about this pop diva and we couldn’t be happier with that. From when she started as the lead singer for No Doubt, her days of donning blue hair and bindi’s might be done, but even today she resonates with her original punk aesthetics which we find quite refreshing!



Jennifer Aniston

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Everybody wanted the ‘Rachel Green haircut’ from F.R.I.E.N.D.S back then – gone are the days when Jennifer Aniston sported a pair of overalls and spaghetti strapped slip dresses, we now see her opting for classier silhouettes that enhance her petite frame but one thing remains the same, her gorgeous and covetable mane!



Katie Holmes

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Remember Joey from Dawson’s creek? The young and confused little dame who always sported the ‘90s infamous Mom jeans and cropped sweatshirts – Katie Holmes has come a long way from playing the girl next door. She has aged gracefully, and quite honestly still looks like the teenage sensation she used to be, only with better clothes and make-up!




Sarah Jessica Parker

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Carrie Bradshaw, the hottest columnist that ever hit our television sets spoke to us in many ways with her trend-setting sartorial choices and many a Manolo Blahniks’! From wearing her bouncy curls in the early seasons of Sex and the city, to today, her hair may have gone sleek, but she is still shocking us (subtly) with her fun fashion choices on the red carpet.

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Tell us, which celebrity transformation was your favourite?