A Guide To Styling Your Block Heels, According To The Pros

Gone are those days when people would take their Carrie Bradshaw-esque stiletto heels out for a spin every chance they got. Of course it’s still about style today, but with a little dollop of comfort to go with it. Which is where block heels come in. With their platform and wider, block-like heel, it’s the right amount of extra support a girl needs. So obviously, we’re wearing them everywhere!

If you put your mind to it, the ways to style a pair of block heels are endless. We make it a point to add a pair to our StyleCracker Boxes every chance we get, simply because it’s a shoe that fits everyone’s personality! So for today, our stylists are breaking it down into three major occasions and dishing out expert tips on how to really rock a pair of block heels.

Casually In The Day

Let’s be honest, unless you’re one of the Desperate Housewives, you can’t really go out running errands in block heels. But there’s no harm in wearing them out to lunch on a weekend or the occasional coffee with the girls. Wear your comfy denims, an oversized shirt and your heels to add height and of course, some style to the look. Alternatively, a pair of tan block heels could be the perfect addition to your summer dresses and flowy trousers.

Formally To Work

There are a few sure-shot things that make a girl feel powerful at work. A bold lipstick, a great-fitting suit and a pair of heels. Instead of tottering around in stilettos, opt for block heels instead. Wear them with flared jeans and a blouse on a casual work day. If you have a formal meeting to attend, they’re sure to look good even with your skirt/pant suit or trousers with a formal shirt and blazer.

Out To Party In

The best part about block heels is that they’ll be the best dancing shoes you own. The risk of falling on your face is so much lesser (hey, if you’re super drunk nothing can save you). Wear your block heels with a short dress to the clubs, with skinny jeans and a cute top to dinner or even with a skirt and crop-top for date night.

We don’t know about you, but we’re quite ready to swap out all our other heels for these multi-function, super stylish block heels. The best part is that at StyleCracker we make it a point to always have them in stock and going into our stylist-curated SC Boxes. So not only will you get a pair if you want one, we’ll make sure they suit you and send you tips on how to wear them too! So what are you waiting for? Sign up here.

*Cover image from Santoshi Shetty, Misu and Kat Diaries