A Guide to the Delhi Lingo

Every city has its own personality that’s derived from various elements of its life, hence, making it much more authentic. Of those diverse elements, much of what we say and how we say it plays an important role in capturing the true essence of that place.

From humorous terms and catchy abbreviations to lame one-liners that will literally make your eyes roll, here’s our guide to understanding New Delhi’s unique Lingo.

By Arinita Sandilya


Meaning: Probably one of the most commonly used terms in New Delhi, Jugaad means a simple or innovative ‘fix’ to any problem or solution, by bending the rules a little.

Most used: This could be essentially anything from getting movie tickets and entry into clubs to ensuring admission in schools and getting work done in public offices.


#Tu janta nahi mera baap kaun hai?

Meaning: A classic phrase that resonates from almost every corner of the city and an inspirational one-liner for many a Bollywood films over the years, this rhetorical question is brought up whenever there is an argument or a clash of the egos.

Most used: This is a way of telling people not to mess with you because you happen to be the ‘spoilt brat’ of a supposed big shot father.



Meaning: A beloved word amongst all Delhiites, Vaila refers to being useless and jobless.

Most used: When you have nothing to do and are just whiling away your time, people may refer to you as being Vaila!


#The Village

Meaning: The ‘village’ that is everyone keep talking about, is actually the very upscale and hip Hauz Khas Village.

Most used: An urbanized village with a rich medieval history, HKV is a bustling hub for numerous art galleries, up-scale boutiques and restaurants.


#Feel Aa Gayi

Meaning: An extreme emotion usually used to denote something ‘epic’.

Most used: When you are going for late night drive around the streets of Delhi in an open jeep in the cold, or when you feel really sentimental about something- like a watching a movie or a listening to a song.



Meaning: Usually used to describe to people who take drugs or who looks like they take drugs.

Most used: A shabby hairdo, dark clothes, kajal rimmed eyes (for girls), chappals, and a gait that says ‘Whatever, man!’ are certain generalized traits that mark a supposed ‘Dope-chi.