A tête-à-tête with the #SCScholarship Winners

Last year, StyleCracker.com introduced an awesome concept…The #SCScholarship, where new and upcoming designers and brands won the opportunity to showcase their stuff for the 1st time at the StyleCracker Borough, for free! We have for you, the extremely creative and talented #SCScholarship winners that were launched at the last Borough!

Looking back, here’s our little tête-à-tête with Get Baked and 10A.M.

Sinhaar Rodrigues- GET BAKED


1. Tell us a little about yourself and your brand

We manufacture a range of health foods that offer wellness benefits, daily nutrition and guilt-free munching. We aim to deliver a product that is wholesome, healthy, and made from nutritious and high quality ingredients. 

2.From where did you come up with the idea of starting a brand for healthy yet tasteful eating?

The inspiration to create a wholesome energy snack occurred during a weekend-long hike. We’d been chewing on other energy bars all day and despite our hunger, we couldn’t take another bite. We knew we could put together something better. A year later, after countless hours in mom’s kitchen, our range of ‘crunch rocks’ became a reality; Get Baked was born! 

3.Being an SC Scholarship winner, what was it like and how did it feel being a part of the Style Cracker Borough

We are extremely grateful to the SC team for shortlisting us as a scholarship winner during the last SC Borough. We had participated in a couple of events before, but were not ready for what was to transpire – we were sold out within 6 hours!! So much so that after our food products sold out we started to sell Get Baked branded t-shirts.

Let alone the substantial footfalls (6000+), everything from the promotion to the curation of the event was seamless. I can honestly say that after doing a good 6 events over the past 4 months that SC Borough has set the benchmark for events in Mumbai.


4.If you had to pick your favorite from within your work…what would it be?

Our cranberry and almond cookie! Its maida free and one cookie will keep you satiated for a good 1.5 hours at least.



Anjali Malhotra- 10A.M

many customised

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your brand

My designs originate from things around me, things I’ve seen and things I’ve picked up over the years.
 After quitting my job, I started designing and innovating products and thereafter, 10 am was born. Many of our products are handmade, and crafted with a whole lot of love! All our products can be customized as per individual needs and requirements.

2. Being an SC Scholarship winner, what was it like and how did it feel being a part of the Style Cracker Borough

SUPER! I love that we were picked as an SC scholarship winner! The Borough was absolutely amazing and we loved every second of it! Besides pulling in a great crowd, the entire show was just so much fun and we’d love to be a part of every show you guys have!:)

ikuhj3. If you had to pick your favorite from within your work…what would it be?

I can’t help but love our cassette lamp. I think this is a creation that is totally apt for people like me and is ideal for that walk down memory lane.  

Retro cassette lamp


Stay tuned for the #SCScholarship contest…YOUR brand could be the first lucky one to be launched at #SCBPune!!!